1. Just a waterfall out in the distance. No big deal.

  2. Totally rad swing pic at the Casa de Arbol in Ecuador


  3. Back from Baños

    Hi All!

    So for those of you with whom I have not had the good fortune of speaking, I returned to Quito from the beautiful town of Baños, Ecuador late last night. Although we planned to be back earlier, a 4 car accident gave us a little bit more traffic and it took us more time to get back. 

    That being said, I’m sorry this post is late.

    As far as the weekend goes, we had an amazing time in that little town. We stayed at a little hostel in the town and it was amazing. In fact, this was just outside our room that we got to stay in for less than $20 for the whole weekend. (Please disregard the other people who are complete strangers but photobombed anyways.)

    I would also like to take this time to say that the hostels here are very nice. We got 4 rooms during our stay and although only my friend Ben and I shared our room, no one else stayed with us (there were 2 more beds and this is with the exception of visitors) 
    (The picture of me eating the pile of fruit and pancake goodness was lost somewhere, so please enjoy this picture of my friend Christie eating hers)

    Besides the great food and lodging we also had some other pretty cool experiences. For example, I propelled down a few waterfalls, which was pretty epic.

    (Picture courtesy of Alex the waterfall propelling guide guy. No copyright infringement is possible because he gave us these pictures as part of our package.) 

    Even more epic, however, was the part after the propelling, in which I got to JUMP OFF a waterfall cliff. Sadly, I don’t have a pic of me doing it, but I have before and after pics to share.

    (heres the before picture that Yang took. Please disregard my slightly crooked helmet and appreciate the long way down)

    More pictures. It was probably over 100ft. I’m very happy to have done this even though it was probably one of the scariest parts of my life. jumping down and just spending a few brief moments suspended in the air felt amazing and freeing. Definitely a highlight of my time abroad so far. 

    Later in the day, we visited Casa de Arbol which like the name implies is a treehouse. But it is special for a swing. What makes it special? Well, hopefully this picture will answer that.

    (Photo courtesy of Yang. No copyright infringement intended and I’m pretty sure she took the photo for me to have so yeah, its a swing that goes over a cliff.)

    Then we went home and had dinner and rested. Dinner was yummy and rest was needed after a day of climbing, hiking, propelling, and overcoming scary situations.

    We awoke the next day to climb a mountain and find a cross. Why? Our first two nights, we saw a brilliantly shining cross up in the mountains that looked almost like it was hanging in the night sky. So of course, we figured, why not climb it?

    It was a long and steep climb with many breaks, but we did finally make it!

    (Ben and Micha and I aka Three’s a Crowd Bunch at the top of the mountain.)

    (The cross and the landscape.)

    After returning from the climb, we had a hardy breakfast and went to church in the Basilica, which was very pretty and full of gold. After learning about a few of the miracles of the town of “sacred water,” we checked out of the hostel, got lunch, went on a bus, got caught in traffic, and took a taxi home.


    as for today, I had my Spanish class final and got my Biology test back from last week. The whole class got A’s for the first biology class and we have no idea how we did in Spanish. That’s about it. I will now conclude this long post and I hope to post again tomorrow!

    Thanks and Hugs,



  4. Update and Trip

    Hey guys! so my tests and my Spanish presentation went well! I am still alive! Other than attending a totally awesome lecture on scientific collections and why they’re important and the lecture people serving champagne, not much exciting stuff has happened, but I am going out of town this weekend and will probably not update until Sunday or Monday.

    Happy news though, a couple of my friends on the trip made some fantastic videos which I’m posting here!





    In other news, Scotland is still part of the UK and the rainy season maybe starting in Quito, of course, that may take more time to confirm. 

    Anyhow, I’ll post at the end of the weekend, so stay tuned :)


  5. Crazy Update

    Hey Everyone!

    Not much has been going on. I have found out that my host family employs a domestic employee who works most of the week but has been on vacation and just started working again. She is very nice and a very good cook and I am glad that my host family does not treat her as a servant but as a real person.

    Yesterday I had a scare on the bus to my school because we took a COMPLETELY different route (apparently because of some car accidents that left certain roads unavailable). While the first stops were the same, I eventually realized that once we got to the airport that we were not going the right way. Upon asking someone where we were, I found out that not only did we pass the town of my university, but also that no one had any idea where we were going. Although I was twenty minutes late to class, I got to make a few new angry friends on the bus and we had a good chat. Shout out to the British International student who bused back to campus with me. 

    Other than that, there is not much to report. I have added a couple of long overdue photos fulfilling requests and changed the blog a bit. Don’t worry I’m still the same. ;)

    As for school, we have our first test, paper, and Spanish presentation, so I’m pretty busy studying and hoping that I will be able to do well in everything. Due to needing to study more, this post will be short and will end soon. Or now. 

    I hope your days are going well and I send hugs and happiness your way.

    Until the next post,